Mattress Firm Stores in New York

Mattress Firm Stores in New York

Mattress Firm Stores in New York

It is not an easy task to purchase a mattress. It requires you to take many factors into consideration. It doesn't matter which mattress company you choose, but the right mattress for you.


iSeries Serta’s high-end innerspring collection. It's also known simply as Perfect Sleeper Elite. These mattresses are only available through Mattress Firm.

The Serta iSeries hybrid collection combines Serta’s latest memory foam technology and an advanced coil system. These mattresses offer comfort, pressure relief, and support. They come in four different firmnesses.

The Serta iSeries 3000 features four inches of advanced memory foam and a Serta UltraCold System. It is designed to keep you cool throughout the night. This mattress is ideal for most sleepers.

The Serta iSeries 300 Plush offers ample support for heavier sleepers. It's also a great choice for side sleepers.

Serta iSeries 100 firm is a great choice if side sleepers are petite. It is part of the Consumer Reports Mattresses Test Program. The mattress provides back pain relief, as well as a firm feel. It's also ideal for plus-sized sleepers.

The Serta IC 100firm also comes with a foam cushion top for added comfort. It's not recommended to stomach sleepers, but it's good for average side sleepers.

The Serta ic 1000 also includes Carbon Fiber Memory Foam. It has a balanced feel that is ideal for all types of sleepers. The 1025-density coil system is used to isolate motion. To keep it cool, the Max Cold cover is included on the mattress.

iComfort Hybrid

Serta's iComfort Hybrid mattress is designed to give you a better night of sleep. This brand uses an innerspring design that prevents sinking. It also has gel-memory foam that provides pressure relief. The iComfort Hybrids also have cooling material that ensures consistent airflow throughout the mattress.

Mattress Firm is a mattress retailer that sells Serta and Simmons products. The company has a number of stores across the country and has seen rapid growth in recent years. The firm is known for its premium hybrid mattresses, which combine the comfort and support of memory foam with an innerspring system.

Mattress Firm has expanded its range to include a variety of styles. They also offer a variety in firmness levels and offer a 120 day trial at-home. You can also order an iComfort Hybrid bed online. There are a variety of firmness levels available, from extra firm to soft.

The iComfort Hybrid mattress is made with gel-memory foam that conforms to your body curves. The mattress also has TempActiv(tm), a cooling technology. The cooling material contains millions of gel beads. This helps to draw heat from the body, which promotes better sleep.

Serta iSeries hybrid mattresses come in four firmness levels. These are suitable for different sleeping positions. The Serta iSeries Hybrid300 Plush mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers.


Mattress Firm is a great place for you to start your search for a new mattress. Mattress Firm has been in business for more than 30 years. They carry a wide range of brands including Simmons, Sealy, Sleepy's and Serta. They offer a variety options in terms of construction, including innersprings.

Sleepy's is the most loved mattress brand. They have a wide range of beds available, including cribs, twin, queen and California king models. They also sell bedding for your home, linens, as well as other items. Mattress Firm sells top brands such as Simmons, Serta, Tempur-Pedic and Simmons.

Mattress Firm offers a wide range of mattresses and linens. They also sell some of the most innovative and creative bedroom furniture. The company's latest innovation, the Recharge collection, is its latest. It features a patented surface cool system, foam encasement, motion isolation and other innovative technologies.

The best mattress is the one that fits your specific sleep needs. For instance, smaller people may prefer a softer mattress while larger people may need a mattress with a specialized cooling feature. Mattress Firm also sells Purple Mattress, which has two inches of memory-foam.

Black Hybrid

It is crucial to choose the right black hybrid mattress for you. The best black-hybrid mattress for you depends on how you sleep and what your body type is. For example, if a back or stomach-sleeper, you will need a firmer bed, while if a side, or combination sleeper, a soft mattress may be more your preference.

When you shop at Mattress Firm, you may want to consider the Hybrid 300 or Hybrid 500. These mattresses are made with 886 coils, and offer a comfortable level of support. You can also opt to go with the Hybrid 100, which is also made with 886 coils. These mattresses are medium-firm.

You may also want to consider the Serta Cooling Hybrid Mattress, which is made with gel infusions in the memory foam. It also provides reinforced edge support. It also features a BlackICETM(tm) cool-to-the touch cover that helps draw heat away. This mattress is also an option for couples.

Another option is the Sleepy's Hybrid Mattress Collection. It has a soft, breathable covering with layers of airflow and gel-infused memory, as well as cooling yarns. It also has 8" pocketed Springs. It also offers mattress-in a-box delivery.

Mattress Firm also offers private label mattresses. These include the Hampton & Rhodes brands, which are available at select Mattress Firm outlets.


Mattress Firm also offers other options besides the Beautyrest Black Collection. These include the BlackHybrid and iComfort lines, as well the Hampton & Rhodes at Mattress firm private label brand. Some options are available directly from manufacturers, while others are only available through authorized retailers.

The Beautyrest Black C-Class is a medium-sized hybrid mattress that uses BlackICE4.0 cooling technology. It also features RightTemp(tm), Memory Foam and T3 Pocketed Coil technology. Its cool, to-touch sleeping surface is the best I have ever seen. It is also a good investment. You can get this mattress in all sizes, from crib to California king.

The iComfort Blue Touch 500 Plush from Mattress Firm is identical to the iComfort Blue Touch 500 Plush from US Mattress. Mattress Firm's mattress is slightly more expensive. The Beautyrest Black C-Class mattress, despite its high price tag is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to buy a mattress that is durable and long-lasting.

The BlackICE technology uses plant-based cooling technology to draw heat away from the surface. Its newest version is the 4.0, which boasts an 18% increase in cooling capabilities.


Located in the Sparks Marina, Mattress Firm Legends in New York is open Monday through Sunday. They also offer statewide delivery. They carry a wide range of mattress brands, including Simmons Beautyrest and Serta, Sleep Country USA, Tempur-Pedic and many more. You can also choose white glove delivery. They also offer a free 100-night sleep trial.

Steinhoff International, the second largest furniture retailer in the world, owns Mattress Firm. Steinhoff bought the mattress firm for $2.4 million in August 2016.

Mattress Firm carries a wide variety products, including iComfort. Simmons Beautyrest. Sleep Country USA. Tempur-Pedic. Hampton & Rhodes, its own brand, is also sold. The mattress covers are also made with recycled materials.

The cover for the Leesa Legend mattress is made of cotton, rayon, polyester, merino wool, spandex, and organic cotton. It is also hole-punched to allow for breathability.

The mattress's cover is soft and stretchy, which relieves pressure points. It also features a pocketed system of springs that conforms well to your body. This makes it ideal if you need extra support. The edges are strong and don’t give when you lay on the side. The mattress has a responsive foam layer which eliminates the possibility that it will overheat.

Steinhoff Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm's revenue increased 29% in the first nine months 2021. Mattress Firm, which has approximately 2,300 stores, is the largest specialty mattress retailer within the United States. Its management team has a history of profitability. It has a national supply network and distribution centers in 40 different states.

Steinhoff International Holdings NV, second-largest furniture retailer globally, owns Mattress Firm. It has 40 brands, and is listed both on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (Frankfurt Stock Exchange) and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (Johannesburg Stock Exchange).

In the past year, Mattress Firm's share price has fallen by almost half. The company has closed hundreds if not all of its stores in order to consolidate their store count. To raise capital, the company plans to file for an initial publicly offered (IPO). Its management team has extensive experience in running specialty retail businesses.

Steinhoff International Holdings NV will be looking at options for Mattress Firm. It will be listed at the New York Stock Exchange under symbol "MFRM", which stands for its shares. It plans to take advantage of $525 million in exit financing.

Steinhoff International Holdings has a focus on furniture, home furnishings, as well as appliances. It owns brands in Australia and Africa. It also owns Sleepy's, Conforama and Bensons for Beds.

Mattress Firm Stores in New York